The Ultimate Guide to Sympathy Gifts

Follow our guide to finding the perfect Sympathy gift with the essentials you need to understanding quality craftsmanship and selecting reputable products. Easily find, organize and compare hundreds of Sympathy gifts. Explore what's hot and new, see the latest Sympathy trends, get ideas and inspiration. Learn what experts know about the best way to select Sympathy gifts. Read our tips and hints on how to buy wholesale with confidence.

Personalized sympathy gifts are unique and express timely thoughtfulness to a bereaved person. They become treasured mementos of the life of a loved one who has passed on. There are a number of ways to personalize a gift. You can incorporate a photo, have an item engraved, or use a particularly meaningful item to the griever.

Engraved Items

There is almost no end to the items one can have engraved to express sympathy in the loss of a loved one. All kinds of jewelry, photo frames, ornaments for the holiday tree, plaques, or garden stones can be engraved with names, dates and expressions of remembrance.

Men's accessories, vases and glassware, portfolios and journals all can be engraved as well.

Other Personalized Gifts

Candy jars, key rings and canvas art can be personalized to reflect the joys and wisdom imparted by the loved one who is no longer with us. Poems written for the departed one or for the survivors make wonderful personalized sympathy gifts and can be incorporated into frames, artwork or books to use as gifts.

Cards that utilize especially meaningful sympathy quotes, words or photographs make lovely additions to your overall sympathy expression.

I have seen personalized calendars created and laminated, scrapbooks made of the life of the deceased and personalized wooden and glass sculptures that make elegant sympathy gifts that keep on giving. Hand-making personalized gifts makes them particularly special and communicate love and caring with time and creativity.

Wall hangings are another idea for personalized gifts in memory of a loved one, and photo quilts , while taking much more time to create, are unmistakably personal and long lasting.

Giving a personalized gift to a griever is a thoughtful way to create memorial tributes in honor of someone who was deeply loved and will be sadly missed.

It shows that additional thought and time has been invested in the choice of the gift as well as the production.

Public Personalized Sympathy Offerings

Memorial gardens, statuary and plants are specialized personal sympathy gifts, and most often are placed in the home or garden of the surviving family members. However, park benches, trail signs or special tree plantings can be placed in other areas with special permission.

Whatever your decision in selecting a personalized gift to express your sympathy, I know that your grieving friend or family member will be especially blessed by your thoughtfulness and love.

Karen Grisham is the editor of with a professional practice in Mental Health

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