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Finding the perfect gift is never easy. Money is tacky, gift cards are impersonal, and asking someone what they want is akin to admitting defeat. Well, don't worry, because The Gift Insider is here to help! We scour boutiques, magazines and the web to get an insider's look at the best, newest, coolest, most unique, most romantic, most perfect gifts for any occasion so that you don't have to.

Here at The Gift Insider, we don't actually sell products, we just find the best gifts out there, offer you exclusive discount codes, and link to where you can purchase them. And while we can't guarantee a thank-you note (etiquette isn't what it used to be), we can promise you'll never run into a mall 30-minutes before a birthday party with no idea what to get. Because despite what people say,it's not just the thought that counts.

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By Courtney Lynne I am an analyst by profession and trend researching is my passion. I also loves to share my knowledge. Get me on Google + and Twitter Find us on Google+

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