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Writing The Perfect Thank You Note

INF8484There comes a time when a simple e-mail will not be enough to show your thanks. And a phone call won't cut it, either. So what should you do? Write a thank-you note, of course! There are some tips and tricks to show you the best way to write thank-you notes that won't be considered a telegram and won't be a rambling letter, either.

If not for anything, the best reason to write a thank-you note is that it gets you better treatment the next time around. It would be more or less sure that you'll be remembered next time. After all, how many people do return to say thanks after something is done for them?

Where to start? Your writing tools would be the perfect place. A piece of scrap paper is definitely not what these notes are written on. Stay away from those cards that have a "thanks!" emblazoned on the front as well. These are the times to use those pretty pieces of stationery that you have hidden away. Or have a stack of handmade paper on hand to use for occasions like these. Museum cards that have prints of your favorite paintings in front make these a truly personal and heartfelt note.

Remember to greet the giver in person. People feel more appreciated when they see their name on paper. Computer printouts should be of the highest quality. It might be all right to use turquoise ink nowadays but silver ink makes the words tough to read, unless you write on black or other dark-colored paper.

Write the way you talk. You don't need to be flowery and formal when you compose your note. But do write a little more than a "Hey, your gift was fabulous!" It's best if you describe the gift a bit and give your opinion on it plus how you could make use of it. So, your note should go, "That mini video camera is really cool! I couldn't believe that something that was smaller than my wallet can take great videos. Now I have something to bring to the office Christmas party..."

If the gift was money, though, don't mention the amount. Just write something like, "I was really surprised by that generous gift. I'm going to put that in my fund for that new netbook I want to buy. Thanks so much!"

Bring the person a bit into your life. Remember, the note is for THEM, not you. So talk a little about what you have heard about them lately or remind them about what you'll be doing in the near future. It can be as simple as, "I promise to call you soon but it seemed right to send you a little note to thank you first," or something as simple as, "It's funny that I was just thinking about you and there your gift was! I hope you're doing well..."

You should not brag in this letter. Don't include anything there about what you've done lately that makes you great. It's okay to let the person know what you've been up to, but be sure to keep the tone informative and humble.

Jamie Highland writes about various family and baby topics. For more info or to check out some ahref="">baby shower thank you cards.

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